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     1987 Our outstanding export profile was originated by our key man and the business founder - Mr.Suwat Lerviriyaphan, in 1987 when Thailand was just rising her head out of the economic recession period. With his vision to turn the devalued Baht to its advantage, Mr. Suwat has decided to wholly engage in the food export business considering the Thailand over 700 years agricultural history. With the intensive efforts on new market development of our marketing team incorporated with loyal support of our key customers worldwide, we have been recognized so far as Thailand's leading supplier and exporter of quality Food & Food Ingredients.

     1991 Mr. Suwat had been chosen by the non-profit organization in Holland named CBI, as only one representative from Thailand to receive a full sponsorship to participate in an export oriented seminar of Food Ingredients and to exhibit in the 1991 FIE Trade Exhibition (FOOD INGREDIENTS EUROPE) in Paris / France. From this trade patronage, we have been exposed to the international market of food ingredients section. Our dried fruits and dried vegetables have been well accepted in the world market year by year. Our dried chive among the main vegetables not only gains the considerable shares in the local instant noodle and food industries, but also shows a significant export figure to the world food ingredients market every year.

     1994 With our relentless efforts throughout several years of market development, we were, as a result, awarded Thailand's Exporter Award (Agricultural and New Market Developer Category) in the year 1994. Apart from the prompt & excellent service we deliver, we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and always keeping them ahead of the competition.

About Us

     1997 All export business has been moved to the new company name known as GC Foodex or GCF International Co., Ltd. since then. .

     1999 GCF has been the ever first group among the leading Thai exporters selected and approved to use THAILAND'S BRAND product logo as a symbol of high quality exports, the CERTIFICATE of which was handed over by FORMER THAILAND PRIME MINISTER MR. CHUAN LEEKPAI during the ceremony organised at the Government House

     2003-present Today, we maintain close daily contact with our customers, keep alert of their needs and are therefore better able to provide specific services and recommendations to meet & surpass all requirements. In our business, we realize that the quality of our products and service have a direct influence on our customer's business. We are thus aiming to achieve a Total Quality Management for all our goods & services.


     "It is obvious that the harmony of our people, service, quality & customers has put us today on the world's stage. Without either each of these existing factors, we are unable to stand on the present world of free trade competition""At GCF International, we are proud to support the growth of the world's food industry and fulfill the global demand of food from Thailand.It is important that we provide a reliable, loyal service & top quality products to our customers. Besides this, we aim to be an innovative & responsive supplier with a customer oriented mind which ensures that our business will develop in the ways that meet and exceed customer's requirements & expectations."


GC Foodex Ltd., Part.
EXPORT PROFILE : March 1, 1987 - Present
BUSINESS FOCUS : Exporter & Supplier of Food Products & Food Ingredients
REGISTERED CAPITAL : Baht. 4,000,000
TURNOVER : US$ 30 Million


    •   Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd.
    •   Bank of Ayudhaya Public Co., Ltd.


  •   China / Hong Kong
  •   Japan, Korea, Taiwan
  •   U.S.A./ Canada
  •   Europe, Russia & Eastern Europe
  •   Australia / New Zealand
  •   Middle east

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