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1st Quarter 2020: Corporate Message
Posted : 16 March 2020
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Dear all valuable partners,

Through the difficult times of COVID-19, all of our hearts and prayers at GCF International go out to all people around the globe who have been impacted with this unforeseen and unprecedented global pandemic declared by World Health Organization (WHO) last Wednesday.

We would like to take this space to thank and appreciate to all frontline medical teams around the world that are dedicatedly fighting this humanity threat with all of their efforts, to governments and officers and last but not least, to everyone of us that is responding to this disease with responsibility, meanwhile, upholding empathy, harmony and kindness. Together we stand, we will get over this nightmare eventually.

We highly recommend to follow health precautions strictly, bringing personal hygiene to highest priority and keep up to date with your local and national health ministry. 

Our hearts are all the way with you, your families and loved one amidst these qualm, worries and instability.

Take the best care,


Yours sincerely,

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